Sweet Purple

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wiewied type  06.05.2020
lovely font, thank you
almarkha  Autor von Sweet Purple   06.05.2020
thanks for appreciation
Yodie27  06.05.2020
How do we create the asthetics in front of the words. I used the brackets but it’s not creating. Thanks
almarkha  Autor von Sweet Purple   08.05.2020
hello Yodie , You can type like this {sweet purple}
use this {}
TessWestbrook  19.05.2020
Hi, lovely font thanks! Please advise the process if we wish to print items with this font and then sell the items.

almarkha  Autor von Sweet Purple   20.05.2020
You simply buy a license through this link :


TessWestbrook  20.05.2020
Thank you very much for the response. Will do that.
pfcsp  28.05.2020
Can I use this font on my Youtube tutorials? And on my paid course tutorials?
almarkha  Autor von Sweet Purple   28.05.2020
yes, of course, you ned to buy in here : https://almarkhatype.com/product/sweet-purple/
Rere123456  20.06.2020
This is a cuteeeee fontttt. Like it :D

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