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Maelle.K  16.03.2015
Nice One Bro!
Youssef Habchi  Autor von Streamster   17.03.2015
Thanks Master !
Smug Platinum  18.03.2015
Looks cool! Can I use it for a non-commercial videogame project for a mention in credits?
japey  25.03.2015
Hi I would like to use your font for an event I'm creating I don't have a budget. What are your condition? Can you contact me
kred  26.03.2015
Very nice and fresh font. Looks quite dynamic.
jpears21  29.04.2015
Wondering how much to purchase this font for commercial use?
Ventripical  28.08.2016
I really like this font, and would want to use this for non-commercial.
Ventripical  28.08.2016
My other comment doesn't matter, I had explained myself in a bad way. I would like this font for a logo, if you care enough send me an email at or you could hit me up in the dms through twitter @VentSans
SamJGreen  31.10.2016
Hello, i like zu use it for a Bookcover. Can you contact me?
Winter Phoenix  24.01.2018
Hello I would like to use this font for commercial use can you please contact me - thank you love this looks amazing!!!
psychoirrel  17.12.2018
mr yousef i am awiting for respond for using this for commercial purposes. i made a game in last month and i wanna uses this on title. its urgent.
arif_qadri  30.12.2018
I would just say that dafont helped me a lot for signing my name signature, it's very helpful to demonstrate for me. thanks, please stay tunes with us.

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