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liz_rebel  26.10.2008
i want to get a tattoo done saying Rebel in this particular font but i need a picture of that word in this font to give to the tattooist otherwise i can't get it done, and it quite frankly infuriates me that i cannot print or copy & paste the preview image of the word, i think this website is pathetic as such it won't get anywhere when people cannot obtain the writing they wish to
gchris  20.01.2009
It makes me laugh that you think this website wont get anywhere. How much do you know about this website and it's purpose? Obviously nothing. Someone probably turned you on to a good free font site and you are too ignorant to know how to use it. The site couldn't make it any easier for you to download a free font and upload it to your type library and then print the word you desire on your desktop printer. It's not the site thats pathetic; it is either your lack of knowledge on the subject, or your idea that rebel is a cool word to get inked on your body 4-life that is truly pathetic. Either way, log back on when you figure out how to use a computer. THIS FONT IS THE SHIT THOUGH!!!
ab12345  29.01.2011
excellent font,

does anyone know of how to contact the owners?

apart from the info on this page, which isn't valid and messages won't get through.
glibero  25.08.2016
Hey! Does anyone know how to contact the creator of this font? They did not include a "read me" file in the font download. I'm looking to use this for non-personal use and need the correct license file in order to create a PDF.

LNicky  12.07.2017
I'm interested to use this font for a logo. Which are conditions for this use?


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