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CmdrKerner  14.12.2008
Hi Steve,

very nice font. It looks like a mixture of Klingon and Romulan.

Well done my friend.


puppets  Autor von Space Encounter   15.12.2008
Hi Dietrich,
Live Long and Prosper
lolazer  29.01.2011
Hey Steve!
My friends and I have a game we made up called Empyre/Empire Wars (we haven't decided on the title yet.) It has seven main playable factions, mine of which is the PDE.
If this game ever turns into a video game (right now we just use random board game pieces) I would like to use this font for my faction, as I am not very good at drawing.

It's not very likely it will (although I can always dream), but If it does I would like to contact you about purchasing rights to use the font, but not fully commercializing it so that it can't be distributed freely. I hate it when authors sell out as much as you probably do.

Reply if you'd like to talk about it.
puppets  Autor von Space Encounter   27.02.2011
The type is property of The Walt Disney Company, so you may want to re-consider using it for commercial use.

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