Soup of Justice

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dark_tonic  12.03.2012
This font is fantastically fun! We're using it for our new iOS/Android game Wall Street Titan for the scoring and messages in the game, and have given it a fun, chunky 3d treatment.

Check it out in our screenshots here:

We're also giving Omen Type a thanks in the game credits for giving this awesome font away for free.

Great work!
liseC  25.11.2013
Hello, I would like to use this font for a commercial use, is there any license fees for this? Can you please send me a message about it at

Best regards
Tobip  02.12.2013
I have the same question like Lise. We would like to use it as well for commercial. Is there a license fee?
Please send me a message at
Thanks a lot and regards,

No1KState  09.12.2013
Same question as Tobip and liseC. You can message me on dafont.
ckimbrough7  24.03.2016
same question email
te_lap  26.10.2017
Hi, this font is really nice. We're using it for our new leaflet for a one day event this November 7th, 2017. Check it out in our screenshots here:

Thank you so much for this awesome font away for free, great job!
mikemakeitso  04.11.2018
Hi. I like your font. Nice job!

Can you please let me know the cost for commercial use?

Please message me at

Thanks again

jettimania  28.02.2019
Im in love with this font and would love to use it in a comercial project, can you send me the info too?


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