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PawBadReligion  11.12.2007
It looks pretty nice... It even has some symbols!
matt_14  08.01.2008
hey this font is wiked. I know it says free for personal use but i wanted to check whether you minded me using it for the linking on my bands myspace. It's not for the actual band name just for the links; bio, friends etc...
Matt -
amychika  12.01.2008
i lloovvee this font..its pretty sweet..
the thing is i wanna show it off with my name on my myspace..but how do i di that?!?!?
help me out here.
mizzxjazelene  18.01.2008
i love this font. it so outrageos. email me bye!
-- Runaway Rebel*  02.02.2008
I hope you guys become famous. Sorry if you already are.
I've just never heard of you guys.
Awesome name!
marsmeiske  16.06.2008
Wat grappig dat ik je hier tegen kom.
Je fontje ziet er goed uit is alleen niet waar ik nu naar op zoek ben.
stephen.dickel  08.09.2009
Hello Social Animal,

We find your font very genuine and would like to use this for a social campaign for our client Terre des hommes. Terre des hommes is a non-profit Swiss based organization which supports the economical, political, and social self determination of populations in third world or developing countries. The campaign will be in Switzerland. I would very glad if you could contact me so that we may briefly discuss our possible use of your font.

Thanks very much in advance and all the best,
Stephen Dickel
Tel.: +41 (0)44 368 42 44

PS: On a more personal note, your music is my piece of pie. Brilliant.
Erwin  01.07.2010
Bas Bouwense,

Zit je een beetje te pronken met je font! haha! Ik heb die al! Maar het blijft een lekker fontje!

Groeten Erwin Bouman
thanzzkie01  18.04.2011
Social Animal, Can you please make a lowercase font just like this? Thank you! (Thank you also for this font.)
nyosuperca  12.05.2012
thank you for making this font, but i agree with @thanzzkie01.
please make a lowercase of this font :)
socialanimal  Autor von SociaL AnimaL   13.06.2012
thank you thanzzkie01 and myosuperca... I am still looking for a lowercase stamp set (physical). If one of you could get me one, I promise I will make that font!!
amrabdelhakeem  27.03.2013
hma929  14.07.2013
Hi, do you have this available also for use in a small business? Thanks!

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