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Mister XenOz  03.09.2012
comment fait ton pour lavoir ?? jai que une image dans le dossier
Dinamical  05.04.2013
Hello, can I use this font for a Youtube channel logo i'm working on.
Stratosfox  10.04.2013
Hey, all! Just to let you all know i am making this the official font of me, Stratosfox, an EDM producer/DJ from Laredo, Texas! Check out my stuff!
Stratosfox  30.04.2013
Element 105  18.05.2013
I will use this awesome font for a non-profit album cover.
lennypatty1  20.05.2013
Can i use it on a shirt?
R0ldfield  21.06.2013
Is this a free font??
musti1989  12.07.2013
hello i will use this font on my website as a logo. Is that free? Best Wishes
musti1989  12.07.2013
hello i will use this font on my website as a logo. Is that free? Best Wishes
Sasp  11.08.2013
Hello, is it possible to use this for commercial project? Please let me know your fee. Thanks.
Maykel Fonts  01.09.2013
C'est le logo de xKore !
Maykel Fonts  07.09.2013
Auteur ?
ananas111  09.12.2013
Hello, is it possible to use this font for a poster for a public party that is organized by our school? Would be awesome!
tropadox  10.03.2014
may i use this email is
ds_74  06.01.2016
Hi, I'll be using this font for commercial use. Please advise of any details, if at all any. Thank you
nzgirl84  11.07.2016
Hi there can you please advise fees for commercial use if any. Will be used for as part of a business logo so will be used on signage, web, business cards etc in new Zealand. Please advise ASAP.
AMGaming  01.08.2016
HI can i use this for my youtube channel logo. And when i download the zip file and install it do you know where its installed. Thank you and can i have a response ASAP
mazzardprints  06.03.2017
Hello, I would like to use this font as part of a customers logo... is that ok?
TommyC  12.07.2017
Can I use this Font commercially?
reader31  13.10.2017
What do I need to do to use this font commercially as part of a logo? thx.
Can i use this font for a festival logo?
DmitriLeon2000  03.03.2018
The original font is actually called "New Zelek".

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