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beautifulkoala111  09.03.2016
Great font. I use it more often, than standard one :)
studioflora  08.06.2016
peccato che dentro sia forata, è impossibile da usare se essendo praticamente trasparente
Gelöschter Benutzer 947468  25.10.2016
Wow ! It looks so pretty ! Like this awesome font :)
marco.damsort  01.09.2017
Pas mal ! Lol j'aime beaucoup !
galdinootten  Autor von Sketch 3D   01.09.2017
srich0117  13.09.2017
I am new to the sign industry and I am looking for unique fonts. Can you do a mirror image of each lower and upper case letter? I need each letter facing both directions so I can use it at the appropriate time it comes up in the text. I am looking to make every other letter going the same direction etc. Ex- Sketch 3D, The s, e, c, and 3 is right facing but oppisites are left facing. I need both both ways. Thank you!

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