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Chloe5972  04.10.2011
So glam
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Simply Glamorous   05.10.2011
Thanks! :)
nfincham  06.10.2011
Hi! My client and I are in lOVE with this, would it be possible to use as a logo for a line of organic products? Please let me know, you can reach me at nicole.fincham at THANK YOU SO MUCH!
kovacsg1  19.10.2011
Hi there! I am interested in this font for my business logo. Small biz baking sweets. How much for this font for this purpose?
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Simply Glamorous   25.10.2011
Sorry I didn't catch the questions right away. To use my fonts commercially, it is just $5 per font.
kimrboblitt  03.11.2011
I paid $5 for commercial use. Thanks for the great font!
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Simply Glamorous   04.11.2011
Thank you! :)
livglam  09.11.2011
I downloaded this font, but whenever I try to use it in Word the tops and bottoms of the letters are cut off. Any I doing something wrong?
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Simply Glamorous   27.11.2011
livglam, I'm sorry it's not working correctly for you. I will look into it. The only thing I can think of is if the line-spacing is less than 100%... but since I don't use Word myself, I'm not positive.
KatNielsen  30.11.2011
FYI - I had the same problem as livglam and all I had to do is change the spacing to Auto (Format - Paragraph - Spacing: Before: Auto After: Auto)

Great font, thanks for sharing!
edakji  10.01.2012
Awesome Font!! I was wondering if it could be made a little bolder, would be happy to pay for it.
SugarMagazine  13.03.2012
Hey, I Was Wondering If I Could Use It For Some Headings In My Upcoming Magazine? Thanks! :)
SugarMagazine  13.03.2012
^^ For That Coment I Just Needed To Know If It Was Alright And How Much It Would Cost? Email Me At :)
danad  05.05.2012
Hi.... I love this font and would love to use it for commerial use... is it a $5 donation?
Thank you
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Simply Glamorous   06.05.2012
Danad, Thanks! Yep, all you have to do is donate $5.
weknow  02.06.2012
I guess alot people love this font, sometimes i see on tshirt
Donated 5$ for commercial use - thanks for the awesome font! :D
schristensen  20.08.2012
I downloaded this font today and it's giving me the same problem livglam was having...I did what KatNielsen suggested about changing spacing to auto, but it's still cutting off the tops of the letters. Have you found out why it would be doing this still? I'm using Word 2008 for Mac if that helps. I'm dying to use this font, it's awesome!
bullilocke  24.08.2012
I Donated 5$ for commercial use - Thank you.
GCBelsey  25.08.2012
Just donated $5 for commercial use, beautiful font thank you very much! :)
cijihurley  04.06.2013
Just donated $5 for commercial use! thank you so much...i'm in love!!!
hewitt146  12.06.2013
i have donated 5 dollars for commercial use. Thank you
WhiskedWonders  12.11.2013
Donated $5 for use on my Bakery logo =) Love the font, thank you!
LilyBelle  20.10.2014
Donated %5 so that I may use this beautiful font commercially. Thank you!
rissa80  12.11.2014
I love this font and didn't realize I needed to pay the $5-it is donated now for the commercial use and my deepest apologies for not doing it sooner. Thank you for sharing your talent with us-love love love it!
joanaCOH  12.01.2016
Hi, im going to donate $5 for commercial use, beautiful font thanksss
twioncek  29.02.2016
I LOVE this font and am donating $5 for commercial use.
Thanks :)
caroltennis8  26.10.2016
Hi, I love this font and I would love to use for commercial use...all I have to do is make a donation of $5?
caroltennis8  26.10.2016
Just saw your comment. Donated $5. Thank you :)
ashleygracedaniels  29.07.2017
I am obsessed with this font! Could I please use this for a newsletter? Is that considered commercial use?
sometimes aislinn  Autor von Simply Glamorous   07.08.2017
It depends on the newsletter. Is it for a business or does it promote you in any way commercially? If so, then it's commercial use.
GigiBL  19.10.2017
very nice lovely font :3
jcote1030  06.05.2018
I make covers for interactive stories (for free) and I was wondering if I could use this font to do so. Would it be considered commercial use? (I do not gain any money from this and I don’t do this as a job\bussiness)

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