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Rafael Escriva  15.04.2015
Hello! Beautiful and elegant typography! I would like to use your font for commercial purposes, is it possible to use it in any brochures and catalogue editing software? Please may I have your consent to use this font? Please Let me know by email thank you very much
PeterWiegel  Autor von Simple Print   23.04.2015
Amy Font under SIL OpenFontLicense is free for commercial use too.
merigond  15.03.2019
very nice type ! i thing i use it for a candel logo is it ok for you ?
PeterWiegel  Autor von Simple Print   21.10.2019
Gelöschter Benutzer 1204281  08.01.2020
Hello OFL always confuse me.
It said you can only sell if lt is not standalone.

Then what if I "use" this font on pictures and videos and sell it without any software whatsoever?? DX What will it be count as??

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