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Mazza  11.10.2006
kolumbus1010  23.04.2007
Reishi Pilz
summerbaby  30.05.2007
looks okay
onemarky  31.07.2007
How do I download a sentence?
Icheeva  19.06.2008
Good word its okay
Icheeva  19.06.2008
work* lol
kamsmommy0225  16.09.2009
love it
purplepenguin101  30.03.2011
im sooo not asian
charlenegraces02  03.04.2011
my continent is Asia.
@purplepenguin101 : don't say so.
OmegaMan  02.08.2011
...So AWESOME... The Asian Power goes through me... HAHA!LOL... No Comment... Speechless...:)...No more to say
usu82  12.08.2011
Catalina98  10.08.2012
cholo  02.11.2012
uno como ase para imprime la letra porque no e podido imprimir eso alguin me puede decir como aserlo
Violume  04.06.2013
Great Work! I am very interested in this font for commercial purposes. Please email me you terms & conditions at Looking forward to hearing back! Thx - Lauryn
Len Clarke  03.11.2013
This is a nice font.

I am interested in this font for use for on a website for the name of restaurant. Do you have a web font version?.
The site is a small restaurant in New Westminster BC

Please contact me at
kred  13.04.2014
This is the example of the solid work done. Thanks for it.
theodore007  20.05.2014
looks really nice, this is the asian spirit indeed!
armida  07.02.2015

I would like to use this font on a shirt and sell it. Please let me know if there are conditions or arrangements to follow. My email address is Many many thanks!
mnewland  27.02.2015
would you please email me your terms and conditions, I like your font and would like to exchange some information. thank you, Michael
CoolText  08.10.2015
Jing Jang!!! WHAT A COOL FONT!
Tinx1994  14.12.2015
I want to use this font on a T-shirt so please email me at
ff7697  14.01.2017
I would like to use this font in a commercial product...can you please send me your terms of use at

zerowinglad  30.07.2017
I'd also like to use this in a commercial product. Please email me at to discuss any terms.
rianchochochiko  20.03.2018
awesome font..thank you so much
Denzil.O  31.07.2018
I would like to use this font on t-shirts and sell them,
It says its 100% free so I'm assuming that its ok but if not let me know by email:

Thank you
kudakaybee  05.08.2019
This font is DOPE!!! email us:

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