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Vincent_Berg  09.05.2019
Confused by the "Free Font" with the link to additional PAY versions. Is this a mistake (it's happened before), or does the pay version contain characters the free version doesn't?

Either way, great font, though the downward curve after the "S" throws me a bit.
Vincent_Berg  09.05.2019
Never mind, I just noticed the downward curve is attached to every uppercase character, while only certain characters (like the "s") are seemingly capitalized.
ariegusti  30.11.2019
assalamu'alaikum, ini font 100% gratis atau berbayar? kenapa tertulis 100% free tapi ada tulisan untuk beli juga? membingungkan.
Gartype Studio  Autor von Selamet Lebaran   04.12.2019
Hi Fellas,this font is free 100% but if you want support us to make another freebies you can donate us,Thanks!

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