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gleventri  26.07.2011
Hello Mr. Grunin,I would like to use your font ROGERS for commercial use.Could you please let me know your policy/procedure in getting permission.Can you please contact me at

Thank You.
JessM  15.07.2013
Hi Eric,

I would like to use your font 'ROGERS' for a business logo. I will not be selling it but am unsure if there are permissions I must become aware of before doing so.

Please let me know at:

Thank You!
SUGARCANE  15.10.2013
Hello Eric,
love your 'ROGERS' font and would like permission to use it as name logo for a café in Amsterdam....just on flyers every now and then and for the website.
Please let me know: mail me at
Thanks in advance,
Deborah Ferraz
BroderTrä  05.11.2014
I love your fonts, would it be possible to use them in a logo for commercial use?
Best Regards

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