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superman27  07.05.2011
i wanted to know
if i can use this font for commercial use?
if it cost - how much? and where do i do that

thanks ( :
Yorkoloko  Autor von RNS Camelia   27.05.2011
yes, use it for free!
cbowra  01.12.2011
do you have a bolder version of this font?
Yorkoloko  Autor von RNS Camelia   26.12.2011
Hi, and apologizes for the delayed response.
Yes we have new versions on RNS Camelia fonts: Bold, Medium and Extra Light.

Check the website:

Thanks for the support!
ellen fermie  07.03.2013
Hi Yorkoloko
Liking this face. But I cannot find the bold, medium font on your website
Please advise. I need it for subheads. Ellen
erammer1  09.06.2013
Hi, I absolutely love this font. Thank you so much for allowing it to be free! I use it on a couple graphic prints I'm about to sell; I'd love to give you credit on my site that will be launched - would that be ok?
federicale  30.03.2017
hi Yorkoloko, I would like to know if it is possible to have the bold and medium versions of this fantastic font. I love this and I would like to use it for a new brand concept.thanks
fauziiyyaah  05.06.2020

I love this font
I'm planning on using this font for a logo,

Can i used it?

Thanks before

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