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mohammad_king62  21.09.2011
tank you
MisKandi  24.09.2011
This file is corrupt or something. I cannot get it to install. Please repair if possible because I think it is beautiful.
Thank you.
pandamen  24.10.2011
nice font
Mina Rose  27.10.2011
Is it okayy if i used it for my page i want create? i absolutely love it and it will express mtdesigns well (im an amature fashion designer by the way) tank you
t0orrescho  08.11.2011
I dont care
katesimon  09.12.2011
I love this font - but when I use it in Word on my Mac the tops are cut off.
has anyone else has this problem ?
MAWNS  Autor von Respective   12.12.2011
katesimon: Increase line spacing.
nycentral57  10.02.2012
May I ask anyone out there who knows computers a question? I downloaded font files from here, then installed them, but I dont know where they got installed to. How do I download these font files so that I can use them in Windows Works or Word? Your help will be greatly appreciated. My email address is Thank You in advance for your help
Zanary  07.03.2012
Can I please use this elegant font on my blogs? If you want the exact page, I can give it to you.
apalomar88  30.10.2012
Hi. I would like to use this font for my wedding menus. I am willing to donate for your help. The file downloads corrupt. If you can email it to me personally with instructions how to use it on word I would greatly appreciate it I'll be working on them tonight if not I will go and find and pay for another font. Thanks!, send a link to paypall too
kanonday  12.03.2013
I am having the same issue as katesimon. I expanded the line spacing and that added back in the bottom of the font, but the top is still cut off, no matter how much I increase the spacing. Any help?

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