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pinkpalm  26.04.2007
Amp? punctuation?
I mean it's a really sweet font. I do kinda wish therewere maybe actual lowercase letters too...maybe not. but punctuation and such would still be nice.
Oh well
Spongepat  12.07.2007
Hello Christopher,

I tried to send you an email but it seems that your adress doesn't work. Can you please post the right one?

art4life1987  22.04.2009
This is the new "Staind" (rock group) logo font. Did they get it from here or did you make it based around theirs?
oszlargergely  31.08.2009
cool fonts men!
Mutill  08.11.2009

I am the leader of a french metal band.

Our second full lenght will be released next month and we are currently finishing our cover. I found your font few weeks ago and though it would fit perfectly to this new album.

Can you please send me an email in order to discuss about that?

Lots  19.11.2009
Hi Christopher,

I'm trying to get in touch with you about using this font, but am having trouble finding contact details. Could you please email me to discuss it.

Or if anyone else know's the best way to contact Christopher could they let me know.

Thank you

Lotty (
Nefeli  14.08.2010
I love love love this font! :D
dollface  06.03.2011
Hey Chris, Love this font and your Got heroin one as well, anyways struggling to find some contact info on you about using your fonts. I can be reached at
kriemhilde00  16.03.2011

I love this font and would like to use it for an album cover. I can be reached at:

If anyone else knows a way to reach Christopher, I would like to know that as well :)

erdna1  24.02.2012
Hi Christopher,

I'd like to use this font in a book. Where can I buy it/license it? I can be reached at


houseofpanda  26.03.2012
I'd also like to use it for a series of novels. I started writing a book series back in 2002 and have been using this font for the book titles and chapters ever since. Even got my band name tattooed in the middle of my back in this font a few years back and might use that image as cover art at some point. So I'm here to ask the same question as everyone else. When I go to publish, what's the what? My email is on my profile; thanks.
aucp3  31.05.2012
Hello, this is a great font. I've been trying to find you because I wanted to use the font for a project. I visited the link provided in the README.txt file associated with downloading this font, but it no longer exists. Judging by the comments here, no has been successful.
GamezMaker  22.07.2012
Hi Christopher,

I would like your permission to use your font in my upcoming video game and I will add your name/Account Page in the credits for using the font.


Jord Charlie
mhelmer  27.11.2012

I am interested in using your font on the covers of a series of books. Seven books in all. Please let me know what your requirements are for licensing.

Thank you,

StacyA  09.03.2013
Hi Christopher,

I'm interested in using your font for a book cover. Can you email me for licensing information?
ChristopherHansen  Autor von Requiem   11.07.2013
Hi everyone -
Thanks for all the interests and nice comments!
I made these fonts when i was around 16-17 years old, mainly over six month period, when i was visiting my mother in Australia, and being away from my friends in Denmark, thought it a fun hobby - especially because of all the positive feedback my fonts recieved, but as with so many other things, it pretty much lost interest and abandoned it, as other projects caught my attention. I apologize to everyone who has kindly tried to contact me because they wanted to use my fonts, but i as i stopped creating the fonts, i also stopped using the e-mail, so your e-mails havent been ignored, i just haven't seen them. Anyway, the reason i am writing this, is because i wanted to let everybody know that they are more than welcome to use these fonts commercially as they please, though i still won't mind getting my name credited for it if relevant, like books, films, or album covers, or whatever. Some people have commented that the zip files containing the font also contains a text, notifying that commercial usage of the fonts without permisson is not allowed - though i cannot completely recollect my exact written words, but this is of course to be ignored. I have absolutely no interest in making any kind of money on this. I just find pleasure in seeing my fonts being used every now and then. It is very flattering. I apologize for this long comment, but hope it presents an explanation to the many people who have tried to contact me. I wasn't even aware of them still being this popular as i haven't visited this website in over eight years. I only visited it recently to prove to my girlfriend that a certain hollywood motion picture had used a font i created in my teens, and even then, she wasn't completely convinced that it was i who had created them.

Thanks for all the interest, and for continueing to fonts!

Blá Blá Blá  30.03.2018
Oi!Eu sou escritora e gostaria de utilizar esta fonte para criar as minhas capas.Eu não recebo nada monetariamente pelos meus livros.Então poderia utilizar a fonte de forma gratuita?

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