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Reklame Script

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swiftdrifters  19.06.2010
How can I purchase this font but then it wont even work for my pc if u had both OTF & TTF it would actually work out
chef79  Autor von Reklame Script   19.06.2010
OTF works for both: Mac and Pc
harmswor2  27.06.2010
My program will only work with TrueType fonts (verified by developer). Is this font available in TrueType for purchase?
chef79  Autor von Reklame Script   28.06.2010
yes, you can buy the font here (as OpenType). Send me your Order Number (hannes[at] and I will send you the TTFs for free.
chef79  Autor von Reklame Script   30.06.2010
Buy the full version of Reklame Script:
dsan2c2000  30.08.2011
Awesome font!
ejscanlan  22.09.2013
Can I use this font as a logo for a new upcoming star?
melisl  18.06.2016
Could you add an ß to the font? I'd really like to buy it but require the ß.
chef79  Autor von Reklame Script   26.09.2016
Hi Melisl,

the full version has an ß: Full version of Reklame Script:

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