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montcuit  24.09.2018
Hi , it's possible for use commercial?
alit_design  Autor von Raustila   27.09.2018
Yes, Go a head !
ZebraHunter09  27.09.2018
How Do I Get The Pretty Swirly Ends?
alit_design  Autor von Raustila   28.09.2018
This is link for opentype in adobe :
svichensont  08.10.2018
What are the steps for getting the extended lines before and after the word? Thank you!
adie03  08.10.2018
Whenever I use this font, the top of the tall letters (l, d, etc) are cut off. Is it supposed to be like this?
ljoy1957  09.10.2018
I am also having the issue of taller characters getting cut off. Is there a solution to this?
sload21  14.10.2018
The file is corrupted..
DesignsbyEH  16.10.2018
Issues downloading. ZIP file is corrupted.
jenihonu  09.11.2018
This ZIP file is not corrupted. I just installed the font on my PC. However, I do need guidance on using the swashes. I read the link for opentype fonts and it does not really help. I have Adobe Elements, will I be able to access the swashes with this program?
mzaini30  08.10.2019
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. I have permission to use the font that you created for my APK: Typography ( If you don't want me to use your font on my APK, please send an email to Then, I will delete the font from my APK.

yasmonn  15.03.2020
Hi! I wanted to know if this font is still free for commercial use, since you're selling it on your website!
thanks, great work!
randawijaya  06.04.2020
Can these fonts be used for commercial logos or package designs?

Please contact me.

Thank you.
josuetrindades  13.04.2020
Hi, this font is amazing. I would like to use it for commercial work. Please contact me.
rekha cuttu  25.06.2020
Hi, Can i use for commercial use. Please email me at
danik_ilalang  16.07.2020
Bagus kak.. makasih fontnya ya
madaursu  17.09.2020
Hi, could you let me know if I can use this font for commercial use? Please e-mail me at Thanks!
KateMin  02.11.2020
These are so beutiful! Can I use for commercial logos or other things? Please e-mail me at
Gresssss  30.11.2020
Thankyou for your font! <3
Ross_  16.12.2020
Can I use this font for commercial use? Please email me at
Thank you!
reflectionsla  22.01.2021
Adobe Illustrator:
This will open the option for all text accents
betrispebrianti  07.02.2021
Hello, I will use this font for commercial use .let me know you can email thanks for the beautiful font
deeptiFont  21.02.2021
Can I use this font for commercial use. Kindly confirm on
Thank You. The font is amazing!

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