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NinjaLinZ13  29.05.2007
I love this one, and I love the skull.
Hope Chest  12.01.2009
AARGH!! Perfect for me treasure map!
john drerwe  02.02.2009
I am unable to make a pdf with this font (Rapscallion). I am getting message saying that I do not have the right to use it. How do I correct this situation?
kroysdon  18.08.2010
Does anyone know how to contact this artist? Email provided in the TOS no longer works.
Ochatach  19.09.2010
I loved this font so much, I had it tattooed on my whole forearm. Thanks alot to the author for a splendid work and I look forward to upcoming fonts :)
yendorcire  02.09.2011
Love this font! wanted to use it for a haunted pirate ship halloween card but when I transfered to jpeg the spacing freaked and I had to use a different font. P(
Antiquisimo  06.09.2011
nice font

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