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Amber Design  22.01.2019
How about commercial use? Is it free also?Thank you
donism  Autor von Radicalis   13.02.2019
yes, its free
chairmanmeow  21.11.2019
Then you need to amend your comment on the font, because you say it's "100% free FOR PERSONAL USE". Yet you have it listed as "100% FREE" in the categories. This is conflicting information and thus confusing. As you can see, Amber Design was also asking and I thought the same thing. Changing that information will eliminate any further confusion, which you should do because it really is a gorgeous font and you could be losing downloads for one careless mistake.

donism  Autor von Radicalis   12.11.2020
hello, The Radicalis font is free for personal use only.
Thank you

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