Power Chord

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ms5109  30.08.2011
I LOVE this font, I'm using it for my portfolio for my end of year project at School which I'm designing a whole bunch of stuff for an exhibition for Joe Colombo.

I'm trying to download it and have read all the forums and stuff but i cant seem to get it into my font book or photoshop, I have downloaded fonts off DaFont before and they have worked fine. I have a macbook pro by the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
onimode  18.09.2011
Good lookin' font here. Used it for the base of a logo I did.
DrRedstoner  12.10.2011
This font is actually the best I have EVER seen!

I am using it for my Youtube channel.

Thanks so much.
woessie  21.01.2012

This is a verry nice FONT I used it for our band!

CKJohn  27.07.2012
Nice work on the font. Plan on using it on some t-shirts.

Avirath  15.02.2013
Great font. I'm using this for a YouTube channel in the near future, I'll send you a link to it.
Aigo  29.11.2013
I would like to know if I can use your great front for my coaching Homepage? Please E-mail me at fettrick@web.de

greetings from Germany
Tata-Jooma  19.06.2014
Lovely stuff!
I used the font on a logo I made for a game.

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