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roseddevassia  04.03.2014
VioLinn  15.04.2014
I love this font except that the 'y's look weird! But other than that it is just FANTASTIC!!!! :D
xx13mera7xx  01.07.2015
so cute! kinda wish the lower case y continued on to make a curve tho...
studioelsemarie  23.07.2017
Hi Vanessa I would love to use this commercially could you please contact me @
Bombinibaby  20.09.2018
Hi Vanessa I just love your font and I would love to use it commercially. Could you please contact me @
Anne Suzette  16.10.2018
Bonjour Vanessa j'aimerais utiliser votre police pour faire des cartes postales en france.Merci de me contacter sur
rayen12  01.06.2019
hi! I loved this font but I could not install it on my computer (it's mac).
elisa_  13.08.2019
Hey! I love your font, and I want to use it for an indepedante album, can you contact me:
Ondway2goodritin  11.02.2020
Hello great font except that I am having trouble printing it
Edyth  05.03.2020
Hi there, I am an author and I would love to use your beautiful font for a self-published work. The use would be for a maximum of 100 words. Would you give me permission to use it, please? Regards Edyth (
Daniel Dagoc  20.03.2020
Hi Vanessa! I love the font, especially the y~ And i would like to test this font for an online webcomic. Is it okay for you to contact me? This is my gmail account:
If yes, thank you very much!!!
If no, still thank you very much!!!
Mary Jillian  09.05.2020
Hi Vanessa! I love your font. I would love to use this commercially. Contact me:
Mary Jillian  09.05.2020
Never mind
Lako123  02.09.2020
Hi Vanessa I love your font I would love to use it. Contact me
a_bern  30.09.2020
Hi! Your work is so awesome! Can I use your font for commercial purposes? Please contact me
Colin Kirby  14.10.2020
Hi Vanessa, I really like the font and am wondering of you could contact me regarding using it in a sommercial setting.
marikat  05.11.2020
Hi Vanessa, I love your font and I would like to use it. Can you contact me :
Romarose  01.09.2021
Hi Vanessa!! I really like your font. I waa wondering if I can use it? It's soo beautiful<33
Mayka Simmons  06.09.2021
What can you use this font on?
Ninuna  21.09.2021
So I can install this Font, but after trying several times, it really doesn't show up in MS Word. Anyone else having trouble? I'm on a MacBook.
Chiquita0520  09.11.2021
You have to restart your MacBook in order for it to load. I had the same issue and I'm not even sure how long it took, but it finally showed up.
catherine16370  26.03.2023
Je voudrais utiliser votre police pour mon site.
Merci de m'indiquer les conditions svp.
Bonne journée
joema maia  24.05.2023
Hello, I want to know how can I use your font in my logo? I await an answer.
Coralie.S  29.06.2023
Bonjour Vanessa,
J'aime beaucoup votre police et souhaiterais l'utiliser dans un cadre professionnel. Pouvez vous me dire comment faire ?
Par avance, merci

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