Perry Gothic

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Claire09  05.11.2009
Could anyone tell me how to contact this author? Please get in touch ASAP
80cat  28.02.2010
Brilliant typeface!
faeriedreamer  31.03.2010
Beautiful font. Too bad it's missing an "&" smybol.
spinoz  02.04.2010
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use. How can I get a license? Please contact me at
tophy52  22.05.2010
Bad and incomplete Copy of Augusta by Dieter Steffmann
tophy52  22.05.2010
Augusta is FREE
Mike Allard  Autor von Perry Gothic   10.05.2015
I don't know if it's a copy of Augusta as i created this font over 25 years ago.

If Augusta is an update of my font, that's cool, but I made this from scratch.
Tammi Hallowell  10.05.2016
I was searching for a particular style of font, downloaded two... when I have gone to use them it is very apparent that they are the exact same font under two different names.....
PERRY GOTHIC and BERRY ROTUNDA are the same.. the person who created this font needs to investigate!

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