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Pepperoni Pizza

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Chloe5972  24.06.2014
I love Pizza and your font !!
28fonts  Autor von Pepperoni Pizza   25.06.2014
Thanks! ^^
Sif  20.05.2015
Hi I love your font!
Do you mind if I use it in an overlay that I am making for the twitch streamer AnnieBot?

28fonts  Autor von Pepperoni Pizza   30.05.2015
@Sif: Sure, you can buy a commercial license here:
cdodge89  11.07.2015
How do I get the last letter to have the backwards flames like you do in the title image?
28fonts  Autor von Pepperoni Pizza   11.07.2015
@cdodge89: please check the txt file inside the zip, it explains everything, you just need to copy/paste the letter you need from this txt file and voilà :)
cdodge89  11.07.2015
Perfect. Thanks for the quick response!
28fonts  Autor von Pepperoni Pizza   12.07.2015
You're welcome!

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