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spazz888  11.02.2009
I like it, love the 3-D!
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   12.02.2009
do you like it, or do you love it?

JK. thanks!
Someone  15.02.2009
Very nice font. Yeah the 3D effect is very creative, well done!

Only problem is that it reminds me of a certain yellow substance... :P
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   16.02.2009
thanks guys, i have one more 3D font in the queue.
LaurenRuth  16.02.2009
My bad yo. :P You know your fonts are petty swell too. I like your style, look forward to seeing your future creations.

LaurenRuth  21.02.2009
Wow, I'm suprised I did! I told you it was on like donkey kong JK. Pee Pants vs. CHickenhawk lol

I know about the update thing. I feel like I should re-submit my updates but I don't want to be annoying. Just have to be patient!
LaurenRuth  27.02.2009
its just me again. i was getting a little too comfortable at number one i see. dratz. i mean congratz. he he jk
saurkraut  01.03.2009
am i dumb?
i don't understand your instructions for getting rid of the ends.
when i type things there are random ends all over the place?
i've tried the apostrophe thing but it cuts off the parts i didn't want to cut off.
saurkraut  01.03.2009

haha sorry for my dumbness several seconds ago...
saurkraut  01.03.2009
Except I still don't understand how to get rid of the ends that are on the very end...
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   01.03.2009
the space bar has and end and a beginning.

use ` key for a space with no ends. use [ for just an end.

did you get the PDF file?
saurkraut  01.03.2009

I understand how to put the ends on the words but how do I get rid of the beginning of the next word?

Like in the picture above, the cursor has the end and the beginning of the next word on it and I want to type something without the beginning of the next word at the end.
saurkraut  01.03.2009
I guess you just have to switch it into a different font at the end so the cursor text isn't there?
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   01.03.2009
end your word with [ dont use the space bar.

Type this into the preview text thing:

My name is saurkraut[`The magnificent.
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   01.03.2009
or try to use < and > for the end caps.
and remember if you use [ < > dont use the space bar.

dont use space bar before numbers or Capital letters.
valentsine  04.03.2009
Beautiful font !!
i can't get enough; make some more haha :)
come see my blog, i have used it for a few things
xLIMEtree  26.03.2009
love it!
using the space itself for the beginning and end of each character was a great idea, much more user friendly -- i see people using mine wrong all the time :[

i like your ampersand in particular..
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   27.03.2009
thanks xLIMEtree! yea I have to explain it in detail. thanks for the inspiration!
cullenism  01.05.2009
awesome, love it.
schlooie  12.04.2010
Saw this on a store front sign in my home town.
kirksucks  Autor von Pee Pants Script   12.04.2010
thanks for the heads up. I probably didnt even get contacted for that use.

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