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SoFonty  23.09.2008
this is love i really like it
nono_2502  20.10.2009
je la trouve marrante celle la
tinasparkle  02.06.2010
Hello, I would like to use your font please and would like to ask about whether I need permission or if a credit to you on the artwork is suitable? I would like to use the font on a range of greetings cards for a charity that helps children at risk in Brazil. I think the print run isn't massive, most profit goes to the charity, the rest to print and production. Please email at as I would really appreciate if you could let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Victoria
gympdiddidydoo  15.07.2011
Very cool font - used it in a flyer. Thanks!
MANDALIKA  08.03.2013
Hi, i would like to use this font a logo!,, i want to know how to get permision to do it!,,, please email me at
Arandea  01.06.2017
Hello! :)
I love your font!
I would like to ask if it is possible to use this font for a childrens book headline and i want to know how to get permision to do it.
Please email me at
Chachoubidou  30.11.2019
J'adore cette police, est-il possible de l'utiliser pour faire des cartes postales? Qu'en est-il des droits? En te remerciant!

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