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MillyDibble  17.09.2006
I've used this font for letters, emails, and some text documents. I love the readability of it while it also has a lovely appearance and and old-fashioned flair.
kuristi  20.02.2008
love love it!!!
fredheim_holm  20.01.2009
Very nice font. You have so many fantastic efforts, thanks ever so much.
dashavoo  10.02.2011
I love this font. I registered just to say so!
Clairbear  05.12.2011
Does not open "The Compressed folder is invalid" looks like a nice font if the file was only valid
sgummeson  02.12.2012
Can I use this for commercial use? :)
Schnecke92  04.09.2013
I would like to use this great font for commercial use
please send me an email at
HawaiianTropic  25.01.2014
I love this font <3!
memyshelfandi  20.07.2017
I can't reach the designer - any chance I could get an e-mail at meandmyshelf AT gmail DOTcom as I am looking for commercial use of this font on a book cover and we are under a deadline and very much in love with how this one looks on our design.
Rabi17  12.12.2017
Can i use this font for commercial logo?
Please contact me

Thank You
hpso0001  02.02.2018

I was wanting to use this for commercial use. Could you contact me at
jday  10.10.2018
Is there a price for commercial use? Please let me know!
Bitty_Ideas  14.05.2019
Hey there!
I'd like to use this font in a commercial logo. I was wondering what the price would be? Contact me at
Thank you!
GEEZUS  12.10.2019
Whats the price for commercial use? you can contact me at thank you!

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