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Metal-lover-girl  04.08.2006
wow i like it so much!
i'd like it too in some other font, i mean, less black, less "fat" :D
otherwise it's really nice ;)
Metal-lover-girl  04.08.2006
and without the 3rd dimention
Smartypantz  09.10.2007
Yo, metal-lover-girl.... It's called a drop shadow!Not "3rd dimention". BTW, "Dimension" is spelt with an S, not a T. Get an education.
IMHO, this font is bland! It really needs more detail in the letters!
Moets  18.11.2008
Omgz. Just get over it.
I like the font (:
csroddin  07.06.2012
can I use this font in a piece of artwork I designed for commercial use?
kmpetersen  12.09.2017
Do you mind if I use your font in a non-profit tshirt design?

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