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Olho de Boi

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annaOMline  15.10.2007
Great script font,ideal for creating vintage images. Thanks for creating it!

krayzeekid  15.10.2007
Stanford  20.10.2007
Very nice, and it's wonderful to see a designer, especially a grunge designer, use most of the "extra" glyphs (punctuation, diacriticals, etc.). Often, I cannot choose a font because it's missing parts.

Thanks for posting this.
geocida  23.10.2007
Fonte fenomenal!
Adorei essa cara despojada!
lsysue  28.10.2007
i love it
dar1may  06.11.2007
I love the font...but when I tried to install it, msg said it was either damaged or invalid and would not install.
billyargel  Autor von Olho de Boi   08.11.2007
ccents Olho de Boi by Billy Argel site

dar1may 11-06-2007
I love the font...but when I tried to install it, msg said it was either damaged or invalid and would not install.
Muito boa mesmo hein!
Colt45  20.11.2007
i love this font! it wont work tho
lolgirl303  21.11.2007
real cuteee
Amalia P  22.11.2007
this font is really cool, but it doesn't have a lot of uses.
smitty618  05.12.2007
i dont really like it that much, not my cuppa tea lol :P
StreetLingaz  11.03.2008
Ooh I like it. Classy grunge!
oleschmitt  04.04.2008
Nossa!! Que fonte mais linda. Realmente um excelente trabalho, sem falar no valor histórico. Parabéns.
oleschmitt  04.04.2008
Esqueci de dizer: vou usar sua fonte para colocar em fotografias feitas com processos alternativos (Van Dycke Brown e Cianótipo).
blackfororphan  22.05.2008
i ♥ this font! it really made me think and it opened my eyes to the world and what it could do. this font made me who i am as a person. thanks for creating it!
talkstosocks  17.06.2008
I absolutely love this font. It's my new favourite, and I've got a pretty extensive collection at this point. I think it's absolutely perfect and I can't think of a thing to ever change about it.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful font
dallas_casey  17.03.2009
Billy, coming from somebody with incredibly high standards and style - Your work is AMAZING! You do for Font Design what I aim to do for Photography. Keep up the GREAT my friend! ;)
pattranis  04.09.2010
thatangiegirl  29.03.2011
Awesome font. I'd love to see this font be free for all use, it has so much potential!
SpaceOctopus  24.12.2012
I'm commenting to warn you, among all others who were also included in this huge license violation, that this person has been redistributing, removing all readme files and licenses, acting as if it was their font and telling others they are allowed to use your font commercially. Whether or not that is true for your font, it's not true for almost all the others included in this package. People like this piss me off, so I'm just trying to let you know about this.

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