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akira1975  09.03.2016
Neutra Text Demi was stolen.
Croma  Autor von Modern M   21.03.2016
was stolen by you? mmhhh... If you are sentencing that this font is "similar" to Neutra, I suggest you to take a better look at those faces an comparing carefiully. In effect my font is similar to Neutra like Arial to helvetica.

Maybe is better studyng a little more before sentencing improperly!
Croma  Autor von Modern M   21.03.2016
But to be a little didactical for your benefit, Modern M has differnt Q steam, different eye curvature of "P" and "R", different vertex of "A", different proportions (Neutra is more squared, Modern more rectangular and thin), different numbers (look at the curve of 2, the steams of 4, the circle of the 5, the 0...). What are you talking about?
akira1975  22.03.2016
I tried putting the lowercase characters of Modern M on the lowercase characters of Neutra Text Demi. The ones in Modern M are identical to the ones in Neutra Text Demi.
Could you explain it?
Croma  Autor von Modern M   22.03.2016
Modern M is not a new idea of typeface. This work tends to reorganize, as many others, typical faces used in Italy during the fascist period, most of them thanks to the contamination with some german faces of same period. Most of these was handwritten. My work is based on this faces and, in particular, on the faces designed by some craftsman for the steel book of Fortunato Depero that I'm proud and lucky to have in my library. The path that lead Richard Neutra to the Neutraface, was not original, but a merely reorganization of many faces, like mine.
Croma  Autor von Modern M   22.03.2016
Sorry, I intended "thé work that lead Christian Shwartz, inspired by principles of Joseph neutra..."
akira1975  22.03.2016
Thank you for the explanation.
Neutraface is, indeed, based on the work of Richard Neutra.
But, if you have designed the lowercase characters from scratch, they would have not been the same as the ones of Neutra Text Demi.
It’s not good to use a commercial font without permission to make another font.
ninfitz  06.04.2016
Hi Croma, I was wondering if there was anyway to by the licence to use Modern M for commercial purposes? i couldn't find any detaisl in your read me attachment in the download,


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