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Chloe5972  11.09.2015
Nice upperCase !!!
asdasdasd123  15.09.2015
J and K uppercase are literally switched up I think..
Maelle.K  Autor von Mathilde Castleland   15.09.2015
Just change, thank's!
Trackaline  30.09.2015
Hi there, this is so lovely but the J and the K are still round the wrong way :/
bugaler  05.10.2015
I would like to license this for a logo I am designing. How would I do that?
Dick Trickle  20.10.2015
Lewis_lousao  14.11.2015
I really like you font! Please could you make me a PNG using the font that says "Aspire to Inspire before you Expire" without a background colour as well.
If you do, thank you so much.
Lewis_lousao  14.11.2015
Lhyl  09.12.2015
Please reply. How can I copy this on my instagram? Wanna change the font of my name on my ig.
WittyBooth  14.03.2017
Love the detail! Only thing is upper case J & K are still switched ..... other than that I love it!
sunderbugamber  02.12.2017
Hello, can I use your font for event invitations?

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