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MRfrukta  22.02.2010
Прикольно :)
mgallashaw  02.03.2010
I Love this font, though the file I download keeps saying its corrupted and cant be extracted
billyargel  Autor von Masterplan   02.03.2010
Causes for a bad or corrupt Zip file
verinha9  07.03.2010
merci bcp!
jonbg91  09.03.2010
I've tried downloading it from two different sites several times, the file's corrupt
billyargel  Autor von Masterplan   09.03.2010
bad luck! maybe you need format the computer.
anreheth  09.03.2010
same here! file corrupted :-(
billyargel  Autor von Masterplan   09.03.2010
fixed. now in OTF based font.
jonbg91  10.03.2010
it's not the font file itself it's the zip, neither winrar or stuffit can extract it
jonbg91  10.03.2010
you actually have a couple files with bad zips, and it's not my software cause I just opened two other fonts just fine...
billyargel  Autor von Masterplan   10.03.2010
contact dafont webmaster, regards.
Andymoore426  18.03.2010
AMAZING font. Great Work!
Pi Luo  21.03.2010
what was the name of the base font used?
chadcwm  27.05.2010
I think it is based of Helvetica Ultra Compressed.
billyargel  Autor von Masterplan   08.06.2010
chadcwm nope
Charles_R  05.12.2010
i want to pay to use this font. not for personal use. how may i go about doing this?
Alch3mist  17.07.2012
Would love to pay for this font as well. Can I send you a paypal payment for the license?
LeslieLow  04.12.2012
Can i purchase your fonts? pls do let me know how ya :) cheers
sholaf  05.12.2012
Hi Billy,
I got permission from your automated e-mail reply to use your fonts Master Plan and Body Hunter, but the printer says they are protected and cannot be used. Can I get hold of these fonts in a form that the printer can use? I'd hate to have to find other fonts to use instead! I love these! If necessary, BU can purchase them. My e-mail is below. Hope to hear from you soon!

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