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JJcool  29.06.2011
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   19.07.2011
Thank you JJcool!
tractorjack  09.08.2011
This is true art...a tad difficult to decipher, but who cares? It looks unbelievable! I'm using it just for the graphic appeal!
draco12793  23.08.2011
this is the most wickedist thing i ever saw
andrei11  02.09.2011
i will make a tatoo with my daughters name using this font
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   11.09.2011
That wild! love to see a picture of it. Sorry i didn't get back to you andrei11. my 4 year old son started school. everyone has to wake up at six am. my personal free time sucks.
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   11.09.2011
Oh, and thank you tractorjack & draco12793 as well!
StreetLingaz  23.09.2011
Wow, this font is WILD! I love it. Very creative and unique. Great work.
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   01.10.2011
Thank you StreetLingaz!
jakal  05.01.2012
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   10.01.2012
Thank you jakal!
Sharp Design  23.02.2012
Crazy works, this font is just awesome !
Great wild style!
detroit*trippin  24.02.2012
bro this is so sick i think i'm gonna throw up!!!
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   27.02.2012
...Thank you Sharp Design and Detroit Trippin for you're kind words... (wow. i never knew there would be such a need for Graffiti fonts! i was thinking maybe rehash some more of my old style and charging 50 cents to a dollar for a set of really well done new Graffiti fonts in my old hip hop folder from 94. i really am trying to finish up my Cherokee fonts. but if there is a financial need in my life, maybe is should get started on it, now...maybe)
gmayc  04.05.2012
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   21.09.2012
Thank you gmayc!
StarryGordon  29.10.2012
This is an excellent font. I hope you do some more like it. There are not too many good graffiti fonts around. Glad to hear you're a fellow Queensian -- the Athens of America!
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   21.11.2012
Thank you StarryGordon, i have but the 3-5 graffiti fonts i have being working on its very detail with lower case and numbers, European glyphs and so on, its going to be a while... I have just finish 8 Unicode Cherokee font for the Cherokee nation. I hope the Cherokee nation likes it. I've being working on another set of 8 Cherokee fonts for them, they really need typefaces for their people, they have very few good fonts to use. but. if i do finish the 3-5 graffiti fonts it will be uploaded on and that take up time i have to jump between projects and a full time job...that and the fact i a have a autistic child. I am not a greedy person. but i need to get some payment from design grant for the Cherokee fonts i have apply for. I've spend over a year and half on that project. it was fun but it was still allot of work. and if i do spend anymore time on graffiti fonts it would have to be pay fonts so it have tobe on
winty5  14.06.2013
This is a really nice font! I'll look at your cherokee fonts too!
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   08.07.2013
Thank you winty5. fabulous stuff on your page. can't believe you are 11. i think i was drawing spiders and mice when i was your age.
jarhead2000  16.08.2013
nice font. i always like those complicated graffiti fonts; looks cool. just one thing; all the letters don't work. only the periods and commas do. read the FAQ and didn't tell me shit. help!
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   10.09.2013
i use fontographer. I can uploaded it again. its a ttf. font a truetype font. I have newer revised version of this syllables but its not transfer to fontographer formate yet. I am not a computer programmer expert so sorry i can't offer you any advise to how you can fix your problem other then please delete your older version first then reload it again.
Miitchi  12.02.2016
This is the most raddest, bad assed font ever! Sweet as a cherry pie deelish, word to the people hip-hop yo!
chungdehtien  Autor von Maelstrom   04.10.2016
Thank you Mitchi. I have 3 or 4 more very very detail graffiti fonts I'm putting on hold because my Cherokee Unicode font and my family's situation more attention. but it will all get there.
I just re read this post back in 2013....
Steve, the Webmaster at DaFont does a number of things, before posting new submissions:

1) Judges whether the quality of the font is up to site standards.

2) Checks to make sure that the glyphs are in the correct positions.

3) Checks to see if the font causes any problems with any of a number of different operating systems.

4) Checks to make sure that the font is not a 'knock off' of a previously copyrighted design.

5) Other checking that I don't know about.

New fonts are posted in batches. If a lot of fonts, (or very few), are submitted in a specific period of time, this can affect how promptly new submissions are posted. In addition, priorities in life and previous commitments can also affect how quickly new submissions are processed by the Webmaster. A few years ago, new fonts were processed every 3-5 weeks.

wow. i totally forgot about the " site standards" for typeface design!
if i did remember. i would have never posted any graffitti font!

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