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Chloe5972  15.10.2014
Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute !!!
traviswalser  17.10.2014
So I can't use this font for... anything?
ihannka  24.10.2014
Olá, gostaria de copiar esta fonte para poder estar utilizando em uma tattoo, mas não consigo copiar e eu gostei muito dela. Como faço? Aguardo uma resposta mais rápido possível! Ihannka
lorenn-mathéo  03.11.2014
C'est quoi le type de police car, j'aimerrais le faire se taouage pour mon fils car il s'apelle matheo . C'est assez urgent
maximusmaximus  04.11.2014
Super Clean! Nice work!
tulip80  12.11.2014
This is one of the best handwrite fonts, I've ever seen.
angeladirndl  19.11.2014
very nice
kred  22.11.2014
Gorgeous calligraphy font. Very classy!
myle  25.11.2014
La police est vraiment belle, j'aimerais me la faire tatouer. Quel est le type de police svp ?
alextby  12.12.2014
Great font and a good choice of it's name.
ccoleman813  08.01.2015
Beautiful. Would you allow commercial use for a small business Etsy shop that sells personalized prints?
BlackOrchid  29.01.2015
I'm also interested in a commercial license
Caroolinà  25.03.2015
this writing is beautiful, is it possible to have the police please ??
dgaston  14.04.2015
Beautiful font. My I have permission to use for personalized item?
Peter.dar  03.05.2015
This font is so cute and so delicate... A masterpiece!
Tess28  08.06.2015
This is clean, legible AND beautiful! Congratulations! Would you mind if I was to use this font for a small hobby business, selling earring studs?
abbner82  30.06.2015
Would it be ok to use this for my small hobby business?i am a stay at home mom,creating and selling for fun/spending money. it is a beautiful font!!
CCBUNNIMAMA  12.08.2015
Would I please be able to use this for personal use, if so, how do we do this?

Smaurer  28.08.2015
Can I have info about using this for a small photo business?
Poetess  05.09.2015
Not sure how all this works but the font I just downloaded does not suit my needs. How do I make sure I am not charged for it 40 days from now?
sirillina  27.02.2016
Can I have info about using this for commercial use?
petalsnstrings  16.03.2016
Can I have info about commercial use please?
Sandina  16.03.2016
Amei, tatuei essa caligrafia com o nome do meu filho Josias <3
mentiroso20  01.04.2016
I would like to use this on one of my products im tryna sell , can i have ur permission ? Not sure if will sell so yet so let me know ill credit u for everything tho.
melivator  06.04.2016
commercial use info, please? Thank you
Melfisher2000  14.04.2016
Please let me know if this font is available for commercial use. I would like to use it in my craft business.
jb155  18.05.2016
Bonjour, pourrais-je avoir vos conditions et tarifs pour obtenir une licence commerciale pour cette typo, merci :
cs0930  31.05.2016
Does anyone know how to get a hold of seller? Or know how much commercial licence is?
mlynn27  08.07.2016
Hello, I'd like to purchase your font to use for a small town antique store. Please email me a price. Thank you.
Feuersbrunft  03.08.2016
Hi - I want to use your font for an artist page! I do firespinning, fotographie and bodypainting as an model. Will this be ok for you? Please send me an e-mail to Thanks in Advance
arummeldesigns  23.08.2016
I would love to use your font for a photography page, can you email me please ?
arummeldesigns  24.08.2016
nevermind, thanks though!
lebouedecdavid  13.12.2016
Hello, I would like to put a comment to use your typo for a trade. Thank you for confirming your agreement by joining me an e-mail. Thank you very much.
bpiercy  28.01.2017
Would like to be able to use for my small craft business. What do I need to do? Beautiful Font!!
Rika_89  06.03.2017
Hello, I need your permission to use your font for a logo for a new equestrian center. Please, Can you send me commercial use info? Thank you very much
Mammoth Design  16.03.2017
Hey I would like to use your font on some Tarot Cards. Here is my email, any information would be amazing thanks.
molangy  01.04.2017
Can I use this font for my small invitation business?
ali915  06.04.2017
Commercial use?
Kimchee1963  17.04.2017
Can I use this font on my business cards and marketing materials?
caper  12.07.2017
I am wanting to present this beautiful font & another of your fonts (have made a comment too) to a client for her branding (she is a healer). Can you please advise if I can purchase this for this use & the cost.
Thank you so much, Melissa
melissa (at) capercreative (dot) com (dot) au
flantiquer  19.07.2017
I downloaded this, but when I try to open it in Sew What Pro it appears to be empty. Can anybody help me please? Thanks, Euna
ilysdesigns  11.08.2017
I LOVE this font! Is there any way to purchase a commercial license to use the font for invitations in an Etsy shop? Please advise. Thanks!
Annataz  10.10.2017
Is there any way to purchase a commercial license to use the font for invitation? Thanks!
daes21  23.10.2017
Can you please send me licensing information? Thank you so much!
kaiami  30.10.2017
Awesome work! And I love the way you worded your txt file! Thank you for sharing this!!
BGD360  30.10.2017
I would use this font for a comercial use, can you please send me licensing information?
Thank you.
Coledemp88  31.01.2018
Please can i use this font for my website?
FontyFM  18.04.2018
Hi, I would like to use this font for my business. Could you please contact me with all licensing information at

Thank you.
Ananda Ericeira  02.08.2018
I would like to use this font for my mother's business, can you please contact me to send all licensing information?
Thank you.
Desisantorini  29.08.2018
I would also like information on commercial use. Thanks
Tammysue73  28.04.2019
Can I use this font for a wedding sign for my soon to be daughter in law?
gratzer  18.06.2019
Would like to know what are your costs for commercial usage? Please email me @
Hi, I would like to use this beautiful font for commercial use. Please contact me at
Thank you

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