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jirayu  12.06.2015
I love it !!!
Can I use for commercial?

Thank you for great font.
MattyDeCesare  Autor von Long Shot   14.06.2015
Yep use it how you want, just don't redistribute it
MahfianHasSwag  20.07.2015
Call of Duty Youtubers' favorite font of 2015
doheeKim  08.10.2015
OMG !!
I love your style!
May I use your fonts commercially ?
In order to use the company logo!
Dick Trickle  15.10.2015
this is amazing thank you dso much
-dick trickle
Jorge Torres  04.12.2015
I love this font!! is amazing!
im goin to create a proyect, a game in kickstarter
can i use it for the proyect? :)
DeathStriker5168  06.10.2016
Love it I wish this site had a like system
gabor96  20.11.2016
I love the style! Thank you for this! :)
yariffian  10.02.2017
can i use for commercial?

thank you for wonderful font font
CyrpiotAndy  18.02.2017
I know its been asked before, but is this logo free to use commercially, i think this would look incredible as a logo ?
rianchochochiko  20.03.2018
great font..thank you so much
Fortress Tech  22.07.2018
You forgot the period ".", the comma ",", ampersand "&", and more glyphs.
Achmad Mubarak  25.07.2018
love it
gkehaya  11.06.2019

Really great font!

Can this font be used for commercial use. I have noticed '100% Free', so I believe so, such as merch and logo?

Beesignar  16.05.2020
I really like this font
This is Awesome style. Can I use it for my brand logo?

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