Little Snorlax

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Criss90  18.11.2012
It just became one of my favorite fonts
serch  20.11.2012
esta super cool este tipo de fuente
Chloe5972  27.11.2012
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Gorgeous !!!
taya.michel  15.12.2012
So pretty and awesome!!! Great for titles... I love it!!
drewdrewthis  17.02.2013
Great font. Will use for program logo - how do you want to be credited?
grundmanngestaltung  07.08.2013
Hi, we want to use this font commercially.
Plese contact me.

Thank you.
katyparry123  21.08.2013
Hi @drewdrewthis i want white and pink logo, thank you:)
and thanks everyone
kawaiiallison  03.10.2013
jjordan3  11.11.2013
Just saw your font on, thought I'd share:
Court.311  04.12.2013
First fav font.... I'd use it all the time if I can download it on my mini iPad but it won't let me I guess it can only download on computers :/ but I love it though :))
graceyum  Autor von Little Snorlax   05.01.2014
Thank you so much for all the positive feedback! I am kinda interested in graphic design, typography and such and all of your comments are so sweet!
Especially, thank you so @jjordan3 for showing me the sanrio ad!
CammieCat  22.01.2014
Wow! I love it! I used if for my Youtube channel art and it looks great! I'm shocked at how well it kerns!
yeooitskrishh  30.04.2014
how do you print this font?
tashakendall  19.11.2014
Hello! Super fun font! We are interested in maybe using this on a shirt, for commercial use. Please contact me regarding usage.
casidyn_  25.11.2014
Hiya! Love the font! Just wondering if it's okay with you if I use this for my channel art on youtube. Please let me know through email. Thanks!

Pan's Box  16.12.2014
This is such a fantastic font! I'm interested in using this commercially, please contact me. Thanks! - Pan
monicnic  14.02.2015
love this font! <3 im super interested in using this font commercially like on shirts, please let me know if it's ok
angiebee  06.03.2015
This is an awesome font! I'm also interested in using it commercially! Would love to hear back from you! <3 Thank you!
JatZio  21.03.2015
Amazing font, build on doodle or some zentangle! Love it!
che_edwards  22.03.2015
Hi there, I am wishing to use this font for invites and wall art for kids - please email me at so that I can arrange commercial use licence. Thanks.
mjn  29.03.2015
Hello, I am new here. I wish to use this font for event posters for my church and for personal birthday parties. Is this allowed?
Please email me at

Thank you. Fantastic work!
4mit02  02.04.2015
Hello. I would like to use this font for an advert of opening hours. Is this allowed?
graceyum  Autor von Little Snorlax   12.04.2015
This font is free for commercial use! :)
SofiSof  05.05.2015
where can i find more of them?! or a similar type?? LOVE YOUR FONT!!

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