Legend M54

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sebektoja  19.07.2013
I would like to use this font for a commercial use.
Could you tell me if it is possible ?
thanks a lot
Mickzfonts1  10.09.2015
Hi There!
I would like to use this font for commercial use. I didn't realize I would have to pay additional money after purchasing the digital image software. I wish people would be upfront about what we are or are not purchasing; this isn't "Easy" at all. I can appreciate the designer's need to be compensated. I feel that should be between Easy Digital and Datafont. If I decide not to use these fonts, I will have to find replacement fonts. At that point, it is no longer what I purchased. Now I, want to be compensated! I'm seriously disappointed. It's like everyone on the internet, sees this as a numbers game that will make you a millionaire overnight. Well Heck, I'm just done! Will be sending a copy of this to Easy Digital as well. I'll send a donation but it won't be right now.
M. Crawford
Awsomedude80  11.02.2016
Can I please use this font for commercial use like on my youtube banner and logo and thumbnails because it would look really cool if I can message my Gmail Thatonefan123@gmail.com
wtb  14.10.2018
Can you tell me please if I'm allowed use this font for Commercial use?
Are there any fees?
Thank you very much.
Timothy.ahquin  01.01.2019
Hi I was wondering if I would be able to use this font commercially? If it is possible how would I go about using it. Thank You for your help!

Timothy Ah Quin
wingreat  24.04.2019
I would like to use this for commercial use.

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