Lazy Dog

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xoirishgrl930ox  07.12.2007
morlockiness  22.10.2009
I wanted to use this font for a school project that will potentially be added to my portfolio. Please email me your usage terms, any information I may need, and questions if you have them - Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello I want to use this font i my cartoon. How can I buy this or make a donation? My e-mail is
twinlina  09.07.2010
Hello, I'd like to use your font on a flier advertising a series of events through a local bookstore in Sonoma County, CA. Please let me know if this is a problem:

Thanks you.
neave  Autor von Lazy Dog   01.06.2012
This font is public domain and free to use in any context. Please contact if you have any questions at
hannahlb  20.10.2014
Hi - I just downloaded this font but it is restricted. I can't seem to use it, can you advise?

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