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Great Job ^^
Cat.B  Autor von Laughing and Smiling   17.09.2017
Thanks DOM
cebri  18.09.2017
The "S" looks so nice ! Thanks Cat, this is great work :)
Cat.B  Autor von Laughing and Smiling   18.09.2017
thanks too
annanlou11  22.09.2017
Really pretty font - but if you are going to use it with cutting software (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.) .. there are a few letters that don't work right. Uppercase L and O and a few lower case letters. Welding does not fix it.
kfaloon2407  21.02.2018
I looked everywhere for a font like this and love it! Unfortunately, without the Uppercase L, it is useless to me. Does anyone know if there's a fix yet?
gailalt  13.05.2018
I love this font as well. I tried cutting out a word on my silhouette but I could not get the T to cut out in one piece. As mentioned above the weld does not work for this letter. Is there a fix for this. otherwise the font will not be that useful.  13.04.2019
Would be nice if this was fixed to use with Design Space. Very nice font but useless for my projects. After welding some of the letters loose some of their pieces? T for example looses the cross over part
become_a_ball  29.03.2020
Great font for a Lysol logo parody. Thank you!
Very pretty font. With a little play in Silhouette Studio I can cut any of the letters without problem. I'm going to label everything in my craftroom. ☺♥♥♥
kickbuttmomma  22.11.2020
ok i figured out how to cut the lower case t on my cricut without the issue of the t being cut in multiple spots. for example my word was Better
step 1 weld the e and the t together
step 2 duplicate that
step 3 then go on one hide contour and hide/ delete the line that crosses the t to make it a t
step 4 on the other one go on hide contour and hide everything except the line that crosses to make the t
step 5 now weld the ter and repeat the steps 1-4
step 6 put your lines that cross the t's were you want them and weld the whole word. i hope this helps someone
you can't do hide contour on just the t you have to weld it with one or more letter
jennib46  30.01.2021
new to page love the hearts my favorite so far

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