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agustinluisbou92  05.07.2008
Esta fuente cuando la quise descargar apareció un mensaje de error de archivo dañado.
hannahliew  14.07.2008
Hi there.
I love your font. I might be using it to work on microsite and some collateral, can i use it?
Ni_Ko  02.03.2015
Hi! Is this font free for commercial use?
karlparan  31.07.2015
Gelöschter Benutzer 860227  24.12.2015
Hello.. I like this font. It is mentioned as 100 % free.

Can i use this for logo commercially.

T-Shirt  02.02.2016
Hello, you mentioned your font as 100% free. Can this be used for t-shirt language. Yes, I will be selling the t-shirts. Please advise...
BRICOMAKER  21.06.2017
Larry, Thanks, many Thanks from Spain, for all your Fonts

Are Beatifull, Originals, and give good thinking

I will put the origin and gratitude.

Better!, How could I invite you to a few beers?
If this email has paypal account, let me send you to be able to have a few beers
JWilson.94  23.07.2018
Hi there
I would like to include your font as part as a logo design. It says that it is 100% free but i wanted to double check that I have your blessing before i do.
miacinco  17.10.2018
Love your font! You mentioned your font as 100% free. I want to you it for a post on FB. I just want to double check with you first.
thegurch  25.10.2019
Hi there king of Komika , loveyl work with this one, and is its 100% ?
Please could you kindy let me know if its okay to use in some comic strip work that i have , it may possibly end up getting me a paid job would love to be able to use this and spread your word.
thanks again G
thegurch  25.10.2019
Okay i shall donate a portion of any money I make to a childrens charity , and i will do to honour your name and your font.
thanks man :)
erica.nelson  11.06.2020
Hello, your font says 100% free so I wanted to use it for commercial t-shirt design. Please contact me if that's an issue. Thanks! erica.nelson1307@yahoo.com

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