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Karmatic Arcade

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smitty618  05.12.2007
Hey i like this font, it looks really good
Azurii  17.10.2008
Vraiment joli, ça me rappelle des souvenirs~!
nerdsharpie  22.05.2011
can you make lower case lower case please? i need to use this font for a design, for Monkey Island. I'm making a huge montage on my wall, and i need to get it right :-) xx thanks
yukikonoda  27.12.2011
This font is cute:)thanks
DVDfever  03.01.2016
Love this font! Thankyou :)
hawkarn  05.01.2016
Hello! I would like to use this font on my website and I was wondering if there are any restrictions that I need to obey.
Please contact me at:
Best Regards - Pontus
heathyAddiction  06.01.2016
Hi, I would like to use this font for a videogame, like hawkarn I would like to know if I need to follow any special procedures in order to include it in my game, looking forward to your response, Thanks!
ludogLV  04.09.2017
Hey, this font is very good. I would like to use it in a game for cell phones that I'm doing. Is there any special procedures or restrictions that I must follow?
Please contact me at:
Looking forward to your responde. Thanks!
nive3066  04.10.2017
Hey, my organization really likes this font and would like to use it in our logo. I was wondering if that would be allowed and if so under what rules. Please contact me at either or
anahitikmir  19.02.2019
Hello, we like your font and would like to use it in a newsgame. Please contact me at
Merlyn Gray  13.03.2019
Hi, I would like to use this font on a print campaign. Could you let me know if this is OK. Contact me at

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