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pshhyeaitsjessica  17.09.2006
cute i like this font
123sexi123  14.10.2006
mgx918  07.11.2006
its so cute..!!
gorgeoussgal09  11.12.2006
This is my fav.
Gaia/Dancing  18.02.2007
C'est très très beau !! I LOVE !!! I LOVE !!!
j!GokU sHoUJo  25.02.2007
Really nice and cute font!!! Thank you very much XD XD
Thiany  28.02.2007
So Cute ^^
flower1234  03.04.2007
cute... that all i can say!!C:
crystal.boggs  05.04.2007
cute to the maxxxx :]
jane_liu  21.04.2007
Anie  31.05.2007
This looks almost exactly like my handwriting, except for the cute hearts! I love it!
rafarabelo  29.07.2007
Eu AMO essa fonte

ela e muito fofa
e uma graçinha...

an11_0  04.12.2007
Tré Bien. le fontés
katelynbrooke  12.12.2007
love it how do i get it??
kelly riddle  09.01.2008
Amei eXa fonthi!!
2_muchstuff  02.02.2008
this is soooooooooooo cute i luv it
lulucutie123  08.03.2008
its cute but not as cute as king cool kc. sorry just not cool enough.
faritayunis  29.03.2008
Adorooo esa letraa! <33
kayleerose  02.04.2008
i absolutly love this one.
Erin 3746  27.05.2008
how do i put this font in my microsoft word? oh and also, how do i type like it? and also, there is a dwende she is pregnant and this is her handwriting she is the wife of another dwende who i know.
Erin 3746  27.05.2008
hey, i love it.
Erin 3746  27.05.2008
hey hi!
aspen  17.08.2008
Pretty and cute
Sakky_Uchiha  28.09.2008
I absolutely ADORE THIS FONT. 8D
Good work.
I love the cute little hearts.
How do I used it
livipop  17.12.2008
adorabubble! cute, nice, terrific!
jessicag  19.12.2008
please can u send it me saying behing every smile there's a stoy
nicolefont346  07.02.2009
me encanta esta dms lindo! jaja yo siempre les hago un <3 a los pts de la i jaja(:
i love it! it's very cute! haha i always meke a <3 in the pts of the i jaja(:
ily4ever  04.04.2009
Such a pretty font! :] It's soo cute and awesome.
It screams "ME!" when I'm feeling shy. :D
Lucky-Pink  06.06.2009
Hey, this is awesome font!
chocacat  07.07.2009
It's so kawaii!!
dayi_fans_dy  23.08.2009
komo hago para tener esas letras ...
yo tbn las keroo
dayi_fans_dy  23.08.2009
mmm komo edito fotos kon ests letras?
wondergirlsxxx  01.09.2009
awesome i love it but i agree with lulucutie123 !
king cool dc rocks
colormexannie  21.10.2009
this is cute, too bad i'm having trouble downloading fonts. HELP.
tbolding442  28.10.2009
i also agree with lulucutie123.
and wondergirlsxxx.
this is pretty awesome though.

omnom.  13.01.2010
Haha, this is quite cute, the girl especially.

Baby_G1233  06.05.2010
cute but i'm not so big on the doodles for capital some letters.
ERDNUSS'  19.08.2010
das is echt voll hübsch
isa0304  09.09.2012
I love it agree with baby g1233 tho.

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