Just The Way You Are

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Dark Blue Sky  24.02.2011
Niiice! =)
blolle  10.03.2011
Hi. I wonder if I could use this in a school project for a logo. If I win, the class gets an amount of money to go on a school trip. We would be very grateful!
mamakimberly  Autor von Just The Way You Are   14.03.2011
Sure you can blolle!
Gunarta  18.03.2011
whoa!! COOL!!!
it's Bruno Mars's song :)
just the way you are
chaosblare  29.07.2011
Hi there, may I use this as a font in a scott pilgrim competition I'm taking part in please, there's no cash prize or anything but i just wanted to make sure with you first :D
I'll be sure to credit you in the video aswell.
mamakimberly  Autor von Just The Way You Are   30.07.2011
sure, chaosblare. :)
chaosblare  02.08.2011
thanks a bunch! :D
FontDownloader1227  20.12.2011
Very well done. Guess you have gotten another font in my group.
HelloFonts  04.01.2012
how do you get the template like this i cant find it anyone know nice font by the way please let me know if you got the character map template ;)
HelloFonts  04.01.2012
i mean anywhere* sorry
jhobday  09.02.2012
Hi, this font is perfect for a project I'm working on. Do you offer a commercial license?
mamakimberly  Autor von Just The Way You Are   09.02.2012
Commercial licenses are available if you pay $5 US via Paypal to kimberlygeswein@gmail.com Thanks!
novapixels  28.04.2012
Nice! Did you name this font after the Goo Goo Dolls song?
erskine  22.06.2015
HI! I would love to use this font for a project I am working on.

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