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RITCHTYPE  19.05.2009
jadi juga nih, bikin lagi dong.
oyrus  21.07.2009
manstap man.
gadisradio  Autor von Juice   21.07.2009
hehehhe iya nih. pengen bikin lagi ahhh. :D
oyrus  22.07.2009
sayang software saya crash... beli lagi mahal... :D
gadisradio  Autor von Juice   21.09.2009
OMFGGGZZZ ithing i just saw my JUICE FONT on LUX indonesia TV commercial!!!
cdlm  12.01.2010
NIce :D
…but no accents :'(
RAS-UTOPIA  14.01.2010
linda type!
ebilgerbil  05.04.2010
Awesome font! :D I don't know if you already knew this (you probably do, seeing as how it's your font, but in case you didn't know), but your font was actually listed on a page as one of "22 Fresh High Quality Fonts!"

gadisradio  Autor von Juice   12.04.2010
wooow awesome, thanx for your info :D
rapeepat  01.02.2011
jeffreyknipe  11.04.2011
I used this as my font of choice for one of my Visual Communications projects (BA Creative Brand Communication). Currently in 1st year and we aren't allowed to design our own fonts yet. Thanks for the clean font that's still got an interesting edge.
davemies  02.12.2011
yeah it's really great. planned some cool looking graphics for a college project and the type face fits in really well. except one minor but very crucial thing: no fecking support for foreign characters! (e.g. ä,å,ö), pretty useless then for typing in Finnish. seriously how hard can it be to add a few diacritics?

now i have to go wasting time searching for another font and the video production group are going to be pissed off with me, like it's my fault. (yes i did try the font in Finnish in the layout but didn't need anything with ä/ö in until now, unusually for Finnish)
rlenz  11.01.2014
Great work!! We've used the font in our logo. Keep up the good work...

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