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Jellyka - Nathaniel a Mystery

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lorrar  16.09.2008
Absolutely stunning
annaOMline  30.09.2008
Lovely handwritting font, realist and very complete! Thanks for such a good creation
StreetLingaz  10.10.2008
Cool handwriting font. :) I like it a lot better than MANY. :)
natu121  01.11.2008
Im Downloading it because my names Nathaniel :)
The Mimi  19.11.2008
This is so beautiful! I love the strokes! Thanks!
pammdagg  16.05.2009
I've followed the instructions to the letter to download these fonts but they don't show up in my fonts folder... is there an easier way to do this? I'm feeling like an idiot!!!
ZE8009  06.08.2009
Nice font! I've downloaded it but for some odd reason my suitcase says the font is damaged!!…any1 for help?
Dani Lee  11.09.2009
yea im having the same proble..its a beautiful font tho
Rachella  01.03.2012
I am in love with the font that I am actually getting a tattoo with the font! But, for some reason, I am not able to find the font on my Microsoft Word. I downloaded and open the file and transffered it to my fontbook on my Mac. It is there, on the font book. But, when I tried to use the font on MS Word, it is not there on the font list? :(:(

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