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GODSPEEDAB  11.06.2009
I really like this font =) However, I don't like how the "f" will overlap a "g" if the two are side by side (g then f).
J100  Autor von JB Etude   14.06.2009
C'est vrai. Ce problème pourrait être réglé par une version OpenType. C'est plus cher.
Beaucoup de logiciels gèrent aussi les approches.
Jean Boyault
Chickenluver  24.06.2009
I have no idea what you just said :\..
Chickenluver  24.06.2009
And cool font :)
Chickenluver  24.06.2009
Thank you, It's true. This problem could be settled(adjusted) by a version OpenType. It is dearer(more expensive).
A lot of software also manages the approaches.
Cordially Jean Boyault

Is that what you mean? :)
Chickenluver  24.06.2009
So your French? :)
J100  Autor von JB Etude   25.06.2009
yes : I mean that.
yes : I' French.
nagarano  04.05.2017
Hi there. I'd like to purchase JB Etude but the link is for JB Foundry and I can't find Etude on Myfonts.
Can you help?
nagarano  05.05.2017
PLease respond at nagarano@yahoo.com

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