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Xxtremecutie  23.11.2006
Oh and btw they all look cool except 4 the dog one cuz that's not dog.....o.O
Xxtremecutie  23.11.2006
no offence lol
Dollis  26.11.2006
actually, this "dog" means dog in japanese. i think these are not cantonese but japanese cos i can read all of them.
sweet_angelcutie  22.12.2006
there triditional chinese...
this explains everything
Never-u-mind  16.02.2007
this is definately chinese!! but some of the characters are simplified (they are starting to simplify characters in China @_@) Btw, the 'dog' character is also another way to write dog in chinese, it is pronounced 'hoon' in Cantonese, the other way to write 'dog' is 'gow'.
brisallie  01.11.2009
thanks for this fonts because im learning japanese and i need this kanjis.

Because is japanese right?
indigofire1o9  05.04.2012
This is japanese! I have studied Kanji and Hirigana, this is deffinetly Japanese.
SarahAttig  21.05.2013
I've been studying Chinese for few months and I can say it's Chinese exept they never use 父 for father, they would use 爸爸 and 妈妈 for mother. when attatched to eachother, 父母 means parents (both mother and father). 天 means sky... and day if you add a character: 今天, but not heaven if it's only by itself... There is few other small mistakes I beleive. If you are using this font and make a tattoo, make sure it's right haha.
meina  07.10.2016
lol,I'm chinese,these chinese words we use in daily,and mostly父 we use in letters or formal occasion

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