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pinkpalm  26.04.2007
Sweeeet; it sometimes feels a lil cluttered but not much you can do about that("s" has it pretty bad cuz of its curves, heh)
great work :D
Blood Dream  18.10.2008
(I LOOOOOOOVE thiis!!)
JPicard  18.01.2009
Excellent font! Thank you very much. I used it in the creation of my website logo. You can check it out at: http://jeffpicard.com
Thanks again.
FireMonkey  24.06.2009
Used this for a design board draft - it looked fantastic! Thanks!
wacstn  13.10.2010
I love this. I wonder if it is possible to get it to be bold.
akira1975  07.02.2013
See Michelangelo and Palatino Nova Titling, its revised version, by Hermann Zapf.

Ossok stole Zapf’s design.
stacks2011  11.09.2017
is this free for commercial use for books covers?

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