Highway Gothic

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NassimO  25.10.2011
Thanks a lot for this amazing font pack !
Gelöschter Benutzer 1204281  08.01.2020
Hello so it meant this is in public domain right?
ningen  23.05.2021
Hello. I'd like to use this font for commercial purposes. Please contact me via email: natashacharity@gmail.com at your earliest convenience
Jacobson/Rost  09.08.2021
I would like to use this font for a client of ours. I am with an ad agency, and we need to use the font for commercial usage. You can reach me at lkortebein@jacobsonrost.com.
Strider42  03.10.2021
I'll also plan to use this font for business. Please contact via benefitz86@gmail.com at your earliest convenience.
Larissa25  21.08.2022
Amazing font ! I want to use it in a logo for a commercial project... Is it possible ? Please send confirmation to larissapatzer@gmx.de
Thank you so much.
Yoon Chang  07.02.2023
I Would like to use this font for a brand logo. I need to use the font for commercial usage. Please send confirmation to jjungee704@nate.com. thank you
Bruun Hooiveld  12.08.2023
Hey, I want to use thuis front for a project. Can I use it? Please send confirmation to ‘hooiveldbruun@gmail.com’. Thans you in advance.

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