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Hello Script

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Chloe5972  13.10.2015
Gorgeous font
kmzero  Autor von Hello Script   13.10.2015
Thank you!
Gelöschter Benutzer 880123  23.10.2015
Thank you.
paperglyphs  23.10.2015
This is a lovely font but I have a whole lot of ads in mine that say get full version. It isn't free if you cant use it. I would prefer it being called shareware or demo.
kmzero  Autor von Hello Script   24.10.2015
@bets Thank you!
kmzero  Autor von Hello Script   24.10.2015
@paperglyph - thank you for the compliments. Putting ads for the full commercial version is the only way that allows us to provide the community with a quality free-for-personal-use version of a professional typeface like Hello Script, that takes more than two months of work to develop.
We happily give away our fonts for non commercial use: so they really are "free for personal use". But we noticed that if we don't put any ad in free-for-personal versions, everybody would assume our typefaces are totally free - thus forcing us completely out of the business - or allowing us less time to refine the quality of our typefaces.
Miitchi  11.11.2015
This is not my usual style of font but this one blew me away! I had to find my socks ahahaha!! Great font 9/10

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